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Duck Foot Brewing Company- San Diego (Mira Mesa)

Duck Foot Brewing is one of San Diego’s newest breweries and currently in a soft opening mode. It’s a perfect time to visit! Their Grand Opening is June 6th, and after that I predict they will be busy and crowded.

Located in the Mira Mesa cluster of breweries, Duck Foot is brewing “gluten-reduced” beers using special enzymes. These natural enzymes break up the gluten protein found in malted barley, rye, and wheat. That’s good news for people with celiac disease and others who shun gluten for health reasons. Folks with these issues will now be able to drink craft beer! And tasty beer, at that. The enzymes Duck Foot uses in the brewing process of all their beers doesn’t affect the way the beer tastes.

True to their “Beer Making Philosophy” is their Duck Foot Double IPA (8.6% ABV/88 IBUs):

With a color of clear honey, topped with an off-white head, it has an interesting aroma; different from other DIPAs brewed in San Diego County. Yes, there’s proverbial citrus, pine, and spice, but I sniffed a pleasant floral scent unique to my nose; not sure what it is, but I like it. Flavor profile is similar, and although this is a hop balanced beer, the bitterness is not a palate wrecker. Mouthfeel is nice and creamy, low carbonation, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Overall, this is a tasty DIPA that could easily be confused as sessionable.

Food pairing: Like all Double IPAs, this beer would pair well with salty cured meats, spicy sausages, and intense cheeses like blues (Maytag, Stilton, Humboldt Fog) and sharp cheddars.



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