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Wavelength Brewing Company- Vista

Wavelength Brewing Company recently opened on Main Street in historic downtown Vista, California, so I paid them a visit. I like to go to see breweries when they first open for business, before they get crowded and too busy to talk craft brewing. I also like to visit when they first open for the day, for the same reason.

When I visited the other day it was just how I like it. I was able to enjoy some fresh craft beers and talk about them with one of the owners.

I tasted two brews at Wavelength: Czech Golden Ale and their Grapefruit IPA. Both ales were tasty, but the Grapefruit IPA was amazing. To create this beer, brewmaster James Petti spiked their flagship session IPA (6% ABV/∼58 IBUs) with fresh, healthful, locally grown grapefruit pulp which harmonized with the citrus notes already in the IPA.

The hop bitterness present in the IPA, calmed by the semi-sweet bitterness of the grapefruit pulp, blended with the subtle sweetness of the malt, and their synergy created a whole new brew.

In the glass this beer is rust orange color, hazy, and look closely: there are a lot of pieces of grapefruit pulp floating around. It has a sparkling head of bubbles, bringing up with them fruit and floral aromas of grapefruit, lemon, and orange. The sweetness is subtle, tangy, and of course grapefruity, balancing the bitterness. Mouthfeel is pleasant with medium carbonation. Its flavorful finish is clean and crisp.

Drinking this fresh craft beer on a warm winter day in north San Diego County was priceless. Imagine what this brew will taste like this summer on a hot day. Refreshing!

A few doors up Main Street from the brewery is a great looking Mexican restaurant. Next time I’m in Vista I’m going to pair Wavelength’s Grapefruit IPA with a dish from the restaurant to test the theory that all IPAs go great with Mexican food. I think this beer would also pair well with Thai food, pizza, and sweet desserts like frosted carrot cake.



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