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Prohibition Brewing Company- Vista, CA

Driving into the parking lot at Prohibition Brewing brought back a fond memory of my travels in Alaska: roadhouses. When I lived in the frozen north my friends and I would often stop at roadhouses. They were perfect for taking a break from the long, chilly drives– to warm up, have a beer, and get a bite to eat.

Photo of Prohibition Brewing Company sign

Something about driving up to Prohibition Brewing sparked that memory flash. Perhaps it was the long, low ranch style construction of the building with few windows; I don’t know. Whatever it was, Prohibition Brewing is a lot like an Alaskan roadhouse. All the elements of one are there except for two things: it’s not remote, and palm trees.

Prohibition Brewing is located along East Vista Way between downtown Vista and highway 76. There are several routes to get there, but if you’re coming from the I-5, the fastest way is to take the 76 east and then East Vista Way south.

Like any good roadhouse Prohibition Brewing has a saloon and restaurant. What makes it unique is the brewery.

Photo of inside restaurant of Prohibition Brewing Vista

When I was there the brewhouse was dark and behind big doors so I couldn’t admire it. Out front of it are 10 taps for house beers, and there is room for 20 guest beers. Lots of locals come here for the craft beer selection, as well as the food. Since it was lunch time when I visited I ordered one of their burgers and paired it with a brewery-fresh Pilsner.

Here are my tasting notes for Prohibition Brewing’s German-style Pilsner:

Pale color, very clear, with a white head. Light aromas of Graham cracker and a hint of spice. Flavors are slightly malty, but this is a hop-forward beer and the pleasant bitterness dominates from start to finish. Mouthfeel is light bodied, with medium carbonation. Overall, this is a crisp, refreshing beer with a clean aftertaste.

Note: water from Vista Irrigation District is extremely hard, which means it is difficult to brew a German-style Pilsner. As a homebrewer to the brewers of this Pilsner, I salute you.

Pair this brew with any one of the burgers on the menu and you will be happy. Cheers!

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