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Bagby Beer Company- Oceanside

Photo of Bagby Brewpub
Photo of Bagby Beer Company sign and exterior wall

Bagby Beer Company building exterior

Bagby Beer Company is a brewpub located on the Coast Highway in Oceanside, just a couple of blocks from the Oceanside Transit Center and short walk from the beach.  It’s located in what used to be the old Continental Motors of Oceanside building, but Jeff Bagby, famous brew master from Pizza Port microbreweries, transformed the property into a modern brewpub.  Inside and out, the entire building has been updated with modern color schemes, warm wood accents, stainless steel, and state-of-the-art equipment.  When you go there for a brew, check out the barstools; they are the softest and most comfortable ones in the county.  Oh yes, and check out the beer taps used as water faucets in the bathrooms.  Pretty cool!

Photo of a beer tap used as a water faucet at Bagby Beer Company

Water faucet above sink in Bagby Beer restroom

As soon as we arrived we were warmly welcomed at the door with a “hello” and smile.  Wanting to be near the action, we sat at the bar in the comfortable stools and perused the selection of brews.  Bagby offers other craft beers in addition to their own, including one of our favorites from Oregon, Double Mountain’s Vaporizer APA.  Though the Vaporizer was tempting, we wanted to taste one of Bagby’s brewery-fresh, flagship beers.  And since we were planning on tasting craft brews through the day, we decided to taste their Continental Cream Ale, 4.5% ABV.

Photo of Continental Cream Ale in tall glass at Bagby Beer Company

Continental Cream Ale

Served in a proper glass for a Cream Ale, it poured a crystal-clear pale gold color, with sparkling bubbles, a half-inch foam head which reduced to a small halo around the inside of the glass, and feathery lacing on the sides.  Faint fruity aroma and subtle hops treated the nose.  Mild sweetness, low hop bittering teased the palate.  Thirst-quenching and nicely carbonated, it has a classic, clean finish.  Very sessionable, easy to drink, it was cold and refreshing the way a cream ale is supposed to be.  Although it looks like a lager, it has a wonderful ale taste and character.

Incidentally, the service from the bartender was excellent despite there being a Charger game on TV at the time with lots of patrons at the bar.

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