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An Easy Way To Taste Beer And Receive Its Health Benefits

Photo of three beers in taster glassware at Pure Project Brewing

In his Beer Tasting Quick Reference Guide, Jeff Alworth provided all beer lovers with a quick, fun, and easy way to taste beer. There are four steps to this method which are easy to remember if you think of four Ss: “See, Smell, Sip, Swallow.”

Alworth tells us that when we look at the beer in the glass, we should see the color, clarity, viscosity, and “head quality.” When we smell it, he says we should try to find the aromas that should be there, such as those from the malt, hops, yeast, and other ingredients in the beer. As we sip, we should pay attention to the flavor profile, i.e., sweet, acidic, bitter, or off flavors. Finally, Alworth says that when we swallow the sip we should check for an aftertaste because “flavors continue to evolve as the beer travels down the throat.”

After completing this method of tasting, Alworth suggests even writing down your impressions of the beer. For example, what are the flavors you just experienced? How does the beer make you feel? What makes the beer distinctive?

Try this method the next time you taste a new beer, or even one of your regular favorites. Why? Because educating your palate helps in finding what you like, and when you drink what you like, you’ll receive beers many health benefits.

Source: Fix.com

I am always interested in more ways to taste and experience beer, so if you have suggestions, please comment.  Cheers!

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