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I’m Not A Snob!

Though I sometimes use a checklist when I review beer and take notes, I only do so to stay focused and improve my reviews. My memory is not what it used to be and by using a “cheat sheet” checklist my subjective impressions are aided with the framework. Therefore, I am not a beer snob. Beer geek, probably, but not a snob.

I like what Xandy Bustamante has to say about the subject: “Being a beer snob is being the opposite of everything that is great about beer.”

And this from Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Brewery: “I’m a beer geek, not a beer snob. And all beer is good. And there’s a time and place for any kind of beer.”

To this day I can remember one of my English literature professors talking about beer and its importance to England long ago. He said that beer was “a drink for the common man and woman” because it is an equalizer. Hundreds of years ago in England beer was consumed daily by all social classes.

It’s also interesting to note that, back then, women made beer for their families to drink every day. Why?  Because water in those days was not safe to drink. Water killed people. Beer was consumed by all family members at every meal because it was safe to consume. Today, with the availability of so many styles of beer and the way they are crafted by so many different breweries, there is a beer for everyone.

So, how else do I know I’m not a beer snob? For one thing I respect all beer styles. As a homebrewer, I know a lot about the brewing process and how difficult it is to make good beer, regardless of the style. I love tasting different beer styles in order to savor their unique qualities. I enjoy learning about their ingredients and what techniques and methods the brewer used while brewing.

I don’t judge others for the style of beer they prefer to drink, either. One of my friends, for example, only likes lagers and German Pilsners because he prefers beers with minimal hops. And so what if he drinks Bud Light once in a while? At least he has tried craft beers and knows what they taste like. Like drinking wine, I think people should drink what they like and what tastes good to them.

Another way I know I’m not a beer snob is the way I dress, usually all the time. And definitely not like these guys! I wear brewery t-shirts, shorts from Costco or Goodwill, well-worn tennis shoes, or Keen hiking sandals. Plus, I’m a homebrewer! I’m always discovering new information about beer, always seeking new brews (i.e., strange IPAs), and always curious about brewing craft beer.

By no means will I ever claim to be an expert. Rather than being a beer snob, I prefer to call myself a craft beer enthusiast who enjoys celebrating all things beer.

Check out this recent checklist on Thrillist that has been published and posted around the net. Do you fit one of the descriptions?


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