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Michael Jackson (The Beer Hunter) Is Still Right!

Photo of a flight of beers at Knotty Brewing San Diego.

It’s safe to say I am one of the few people on Earth who has been to every craft brewery in San Diego County. During my travels I have often been asked why. My answer? Beers taste best when they are fresh.

I learned this fact from The Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson, who said:

“Taste beers where they were made and they taste like nothing else in the world.”

Yes, it is true there are beers that age well. Barleywines are great for aging, as are sours, wild ales, and lambics. However, 99% of beer that is produced tastes best when it comes right out of the brite tank, and that means at the brewery.

If you have ever had the pleasure of drinking beer from the brite tank, then you know what I mean.

Consider hop-forward beers for a moment–the ones that dominate tasting room menus in San Diego County breweries. As soon as hoppy beers emerge from the tank their aroma and flavor profile begin to fade. In two weeks the beer will not taste like what the brewer had intended.

When it comes right down to it, Michael Jackson was right. And that is why I taste beers where they were made. I love seeing sacks of malt and bags of hops in view as I taste beer in tasting rooms.

You can go to the market or liquor store to buy bottles of beer from many San Diego County breweries. I understand at times we need to be portable and mobile. It’s just that the beer in those bottles does not taste like the beer from the taps where they were made (after going from brewery, to wholesaler, to store).

Perhaps this is why we are seeing the long weekend lines at certain breweries?

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