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Rip Current Brewing- San Marcos

In craft beer-rich San Diego County, the Hop Highway has been a magnet for good breweries. One such brewery that got attracted three years ago is Rip Current Brewing. Although they are 20 miles from the surf, since opening they have brewed good beer for fun, laid back, beach loving craft beer enthusiasts.

Rip Current Brewery San Marcos California

One of the reasons Rip Current brews good beer (besides having remarkable brewers) is the water they start with. Beer is 90% water; so the profile (water ions) of the water used during the brewing process is key to making good tasting beer. Water profile is also critical to the outcome of various beer styles.

Rip Current conditions their water with a state-of-the-art water filtration/conditioning system. This system is capable of producing different water profiles needed for the various styles of beers they brew.

Take, for example, their High Surf Helles. One of the world’s major beer styles, a Helles requires a water profile similar to that of Munich. Basically, that means the water must be pure, and not mineral laden like tap water in San Marcos. Rip Current’s water conditioning system can magically change hard Colorado River water to pure, Munich style spring water.

Rip Current Brewery San Marcos, California

Being that it’s summer, and Helles (“bright” in German) is the essence of a Bavarian summer beer, I decided on High Surf Helles (5.2% ABV) when I visited the brewery. Another reason I ordered it was I knew it had just won a Silver Medal at this year’s San Diego International Beer Festival.

I love tasting award-winning beers, especially at their source.

Rip Current Brewing Company, San Marcos California

True to its style, High Surf Helles tastes almost like spring water, then a clean and mild hop bitterness comes forth, followed by a crisp finish. It’s a wonderfully refreshing, easy drinking lager, delicately cleansing on the palate with an appealing dryness.

Even though it was poured in the wrong glassware, it had a deep golden color with a fizzy white head, leaving excellent lacing. Floral hop aromas and clean, bready malt flavors make this medium bodied beer one to return for again and again.

Pairing Suggestions:

Cheese- soft, mild cheeses, and any goat cheese such as Chèvre

Salads- any type

Entrée- pork tenderloin, swordfish, and spicy dishes



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