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Golden Coast Mead- Oceanside and Julian

Name: Golden Coast Mead

Where: 4089 Oceanside Boulevard Suite H   Oceanside, California

Cost: Taster $3.00 | 4 Taster Flight $8.00 | 6 oz. Chalice $6.00 | Bottles $10.00 | Growler fill $9.00

Photo of entrance to Golden Coast Mead

About: Golden Coast Mead is a cool, hip craft meadery. They are doing things right. The actual meadery is in Oceanside, but they also have a tasting room in Julian.

I visited the meadery on New Year’s Eve and was quite impressed. There is a small tasting bar out front, and more tables in back among the fermenting vessels.

Photo of stainless steel tanks for making mead

Mead-making system

So, what is mead? Is it beer or wine? Actually, mead is mead, like cider is cider. Mead could be man’s oldest alcoholic beverage, as it is simply fermented honey. To make it, honey, water, and yeast are blended and allowed to ferment.

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Photo of three small glasses of mead on a table inside the meadery

Mead in the meadery

Golden Coast is reintroducing mead to San Diego County and beyond. Their mead is delicate and delicious, retaining the essence of honey. Like beer, you can buy mead in bottles at fine stores and bottle shops, however, drinking it fresh at the meadery ensures the best tasting experience.

What I Drank: I had a flight of four different creations at the meadery: Creamsicle (6% ABV), Savage Bois (12% ABV), Hopped Honey (12% ABV), and Galley Grog (12% ABV). I loved them all, though I really enjoyed Creamsicle.

Photo of a flight of 4 small glasses of different meads at Golden Coast Meadery in Oceanside, California

The meadery calls Creamsicle a “short mead” because of its low ABV. It is light in color as well as body. Its aroma is amazing- like sweet vanilla. Although it has the core flavor of honey, it is subtle and pleasing. Refreshing. Drinking it was relaxing and made me smile.

Likes: Friendly, happy, welcoming staff who provide knowledge and great service. Laid back atmosphere and beautiful venue. Prices are reasonable for the high quality of the mead. Environmentally conscious company. Clean restroom!

Dislikes: None

The Verdict: Recommended.

Photo of a photo of Lionel Ritchey that says "hello, is it mead you're looking for?"

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