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Welcome to San Diego Brew Review!

Do You Travel to Visit Craft Beer Breweries, Brewpubs, Eateries?

Do You Like to Take Beercations?

If you do, you are in the right place!

San Diego Brew Review is all about inspiring, informing, and supporting craft beer travelers from around the world who want to explore San Diego’s famous breweries.

My experience as a beer traveler has taught me a lot and prompted me to create this website. My aim is to help others with a similar passion who want to visit San Diego, the coolest and most fun place in the country for drinking brewery-fresh craft beer.

I believe that Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter was right when he once said, “Taste beers where they were made and they taste like nothing else in the world.” You can’t get that from a bottle!

My Journey: Craft Beer Enthusiast Wandering San Diego County

Photo of Jeffrey Fancy with beer bottles and rack

Jeffrey Fancy preparing to bottle his homebrew

My name is Jeffrey Fancy and I started this blog to chronicle my quest to visit every craft brewery and brewpub in San Diego County, California. I like tasting fresh craft beers where they are made.

I started my quest in September, 2014, and since then have visited every craft brewery in San Diego County (137+ breweries). When new ones open, I am quick to visit and sample their fresh beers. I have also visited many breweries in neighboring counties, northern California cities and towns, and even other states.

While I am traveling to these founts of spectacular beer, I am also enjoying great food along the way and sharing my findings with readers.

In addition to documenting my quest, this website is intended to help traveling craft beer enthusiasts, like me, explore San Diego County’s rich craft brewing scene by providing tips and useful information.

How I Can Help You

I have organized this site to help you find the information that best suits your needs. The menu bar at the top will move you quickly to key sections:

  • Home is the front page of San Diego Brew Review where you will find featured breweries, brewpubs, and eateries. Recent posts also appear on the Home page, and useful tools and resources are in the sidebar to the right.
  • Breweries is where you will find links to information about all the breweries I have visited.
  • Beer Travel Tips has general advice from me, a long-time local, and information about getting around San Diego and the county, what to do while you are here, where to eat, and where to stay.
  • San Diego Info gives you links to additional resources about visiting San Diego.
  • Articles is an archive of articles I have written about craft beer related subjects.
  • Gallery is where I post photos of beers I have enjoyed in San Diego.
  • Contact gives you information about how to contact me.

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I am happy to review product samples, beers, books, breweries, and restaurants by invitation, but will make up my own mind on whether to recommend them. My integrity comes first.

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Do not drink and drive! I use a designated driver, Uber, Lyft, or a taxi when I taste craft beers away from home. There are many beer tour companies operating in San Diego, as well. I recommend using their services.


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