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32 North Brewing Company- San Diego (Miramar District)

I visited 32 North Brewing the other day and need to rave about their Fly By Night Milk Stout. Although the other three beers I tasted were all nice examples of their particular styles, something about the Milk Stout tantalized my palate.

Did you know a Milk Stout is a sub-style in the Sweet Stout category of beers because it contains lactose? Adding lactose (sugar made from milk) to a Sweet Stout gives the brew more sweetness and body. This addition makes a Milk Stout less bitter than other stouts by enhancing malt flavor and sweetness already present in stouts. Here is my impression of this interesting beer:

Opaque black color with a brown head and pretty tan lacing. Delicate roasted grain aroma reminds me of an espresso with cream and sweetener. Flavors match the aromas and there is a medium amount of sweetness. Mouthfeel is full-bodied, silky, creamy, and slightly sweet; low carbonation on my tongue. Mellow, bittersweet finish that is quite pleasant. Overall, a fine beer that is rich, creamy, very palatable, and easy to drink. It would be great for dessert on its own, or one could pair it with chocolate desserts, spicy Asian dishes, or barbecued tri-tip.


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