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Karl Strauss Brewing Company- Downtown San Diego

Photo of three tasters of stout
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Karl Strauss

In 1989, Karl Strauss Brewing opened their first brewpub in downtown San Diego.  I started going there right after they opened and frequented the location for many years.  Although I have visited their other locations in San Diego County, the downtown brewpub remains my favorite.  I just happened to drive by on the way to another brewery when lo and behold there was an empty parking place right in front of the brewpub!  Taking it as a sign from the beer gods I quickly parked the Silver Bullet, fed the meter, and hopped inside.  Another sign it was good that I stopped was there were numerous vacant stools at the bar!

Booths and tables were packed with the lunch crowd, but the bar was not crowded.  As I sat down I was quickly greeted by long-time Karl Strauss beer ambassador, Bonnie (check out the video below about Bonnie making a special beer to celebrate her 25 years at Karl Strauss).  I told her I wanted to taste the Wreck Alley Stout, but first she provided me with complimentary tasters of that brew plus two other special releases, one of which was a double chocolate version.  It happened to be cask-conditioned, so I took that as another sign.  I was really impressed with this beer, so I ordered a pint and rated it. Here is my description of this fine example of a special stout:

Turbid dark brown color, with a frothy head which lingered to a medium lacing.  Expressive chocolatey aroma and sweet malts.  Slight amount of vanilla flavor with subdued roast coffee and toffee undertones.  Tiny bitterness.  Full-bodied in appearance and low carbonation flavors.  Clean and velvety mouthfeel with creaminess as it warms.  Overall, a complex flavored luscious chocolate cask-conditioned stout.  Would be excellent with desserts, especially vanilla ice cream, tiramisu, cake, or brownies.

Photo of Karl Strauss Brewing Double Chocolate Wreck Alley Imperial Stout

Double Chocolate Wreck Alley Imperial Stout

Check out this cool video about Bonnie at Karl Strauss

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