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Beer Travel, Digital Safety

Beer travel is full of fun, but lost credit cards, hacked accounts, or stolen IDs can turn good times into bad. Having personal information compromised while traveling anywhere is quite common, and traveling around San Diego is no different.

To make sure thieves don’t ruin your trip, here’s what you can do:

Pack Smart, Pack Light

Before traveling to San Diego, spend as much time securing your credit/debit cards, bank accounts, and IDs in your purse/wallet as you do keeping your travel bag light.

Don’t carry anything that has your Social Security number on it. ID thieves would love to get their hands on it.

Use Public Wi-Fi Carefully

Before traveling to Budapest recently, I coached a friend on how to use public Wi-Fi carefully when he wanted to send photos home to family. Free Wi-Fi is great to use in San Diego, but it comes with built-in danger. Be careful when you use it. Information you have on your devices and what you type may be seen by hackers.

Leo Laporte the Tech Guy says to always use a VPN that encrypts all the information transmitted between your device and the wireless network.

Public Computers

Public computers at cafes, hotels, and airports are nice, but like public Wi-Fi, they are risky to use. If you must use one, DO NOT connect to bank accounts, credit cards, etc., and never enter financial information of any kind.

Copy Documents

Before leaving on a trip, make two copies of your credit card/debit cards, IDs, and bank account numbers. Leave one copy at home and bring the other copy with you, stored securely, in case you need to call banks or agencies for help while on the road.

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