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No Beer on the Beach! Except for…

San Diego is all about the beach. It’s the same for other cities south and north. The beach is great for walking, jogging, surfing, swimming, fishing, biking, and boating; but not for drinking beer.

According to San Diego County’s informational website on its beaches, there are only two places where you can drink beer, or any alcohol, on the beach: Silver Strand State Beach and Windansea.

Here’s a tip from a local who enjoys watching sunsets with toes in the sand and craft beer in hand:

Go to Silver Strand State Beach. There are fewer people to distract you from watching the waves and it’s easier to park. But instead of paying the day use fee to park in the lot (and risk getting locked in for the night when they shut the gates), just park across the highway in Coronado Cays and walk to the beach.

To park at the Cays, simply drive in the entrance, wave at the guard, and turn right toward the tennis courts. You can park along this street. Then all you do is lock your car and take your towel, blanket, mat, or sand chair, along with your craft beer, and walk under the highway to the beach.

There is a traffic light and cross walk to get across the highway, but be careful when crossing just the same.

Once you get to the beach there are two ways to go to find a place to sit. If you go right and up the beach you’ll see the lifeguard tower and restrooms. There is a lot of space that way, but more people. If you go left and down the beach, there are even more places to sit, and way less people, but no restrooms.

Go to Windansea. The only issue at this beach is parking is quite difficult. Windansea is a premiere location and typically quite crowded with cars. Don’t let that stop you. You just need to be prepared to look for a place to park.

Whichever way you go, cheers to you!

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