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6 Ways Beer Drinkers Consider Beer

Photo of three beers in taster glasses on the bar at Midnight Jack Brewery

Professional beer drinker, Michael Jackson, “The Beer Hunter,” once said there are six ways, or positions, drinkers regard and choose beer. Which position would you say you are as a beer drinker?

Position 1: Drink any beer besides Bud “is to be a deviant.”

Position 2: Drink “Heineken at all times” (or Beck’s), for it is something special.

Position 3: Drink Bud with the boys/girls, Monday through Friday, then something imported (in a green bottle) with a date on weekends.

Position 4: Drink specialty imports only- exploring them and the various styles.

Position 5: Drink the many traditional styles made by craft breweries in the U.S.

Position 6: Drink and “appreciate good beer, of whatever style or origin, and choose according to the mood and moment.”

If I wanted to find a traditional Märzen-Oktoberfest, I would have to look harder in Bavaria than the U.S. –Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter

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