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Reckless Brewing Company- San Diego (Miramar)

Photo of three taster beers on the bar at Reckless Brewing San Diego

There’s a big, red Phoenix bird painted on the wall at Reckless Brewing Company. It’s a fitting symbol and reminder of the fire that consumed Dave Hyndman’s first nanobrewery, Wet ‘N Reckless Brewing.

Just last summer fire destroyed everything Hyndman had at Wet ‘N Reckless, including his finances. It’s amazing he was able to raise the money to build his new brewery in just 10 months. Reckless Brewing really did rise from the ashes of its predecessor.

As a homebrewer I have always been interested in the nanobreweries in San Diego. As a nano, Wet ‘N Reckless was on my radar to visit, but the fire burned that plan.

When I heard that Hyndman had opened his new brewery I put it on my list of nanos to visit. I knew the fire didn’t burn his brewing recipes and his beers would be intact, and I wanted to taste those Phoenix beers.

Reckless Brewing is one of 16 breweries among what I call the Miramar cluster. This grouping is located along Miramar Road which runs between the 805 and 15 freeways. Breweries in this area are near each other which makes visiting several in a day easy for a beer traveler like me.

On the day I visited I got there just as Hyndman was opening. I had the place to myself for a while, and Hyndman told me about his brews. I ordered a flight and settled in to enjoy the cool vibe set by the music. Shortly, other people came in: some with polite dogs, some with board games, some like me who came to relax and taste fresh beer at the source.

One thing I noticed about the beers at Reckless: they are all high ABV. Remember that before navigating to other breweries in the area or back to the freeways. Fortunately, there are many sandwich shops and fast food restaurants in the vicinity if you need to take a break.


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